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TLC Acquires Two VGo Robots

Last Updated: October 31, 2013

vgo robotThanks to the Orthwein Endowment for Lifelong Learning in the Sciences, the COE’s Technology Learning Center (TLC) has acquired two VGo telepresence robots in its ever-expanding technology collection. TLC patrons can “test drive” a VGo — just ask at the front desk.

The VGo telepresence robot enables people to “replicate” themselves at a remote location. Think of it as a Skype connection on wheels. The “driver” and the robot can be anywhere there is an Internet connection, and the robot can move about verizon2quietly and efficiently. There are pictures, videos and more information at the VGo website.

Although it is a relatively new technology, people have already found many creative uses for this technology. Students who must stay at home (for example, because of illness) can “attend” using a VGo. Patients can “visit” with their physicians using a VGo. Doctors and nurses can do consultations using a VGo at a remote location. We are planning to facilitate virtual visits to the St. Louis Science Center using a VGo.


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