About the Exchange

DiversityThe COE Exchange was conceived of by the E. Desmond Lee Technology and Learning Center (TLC) as a way to answer both its internal need to document and distribute its research, projects and outreach, as well as to answer the expected need in other divisions, centers, and projects elsewhere in UM Saint Louis’ College of Education (COE). The TLC additionally (as part of its mission) wished to engage in the larger  learning community available both regionally and on the Internet allowing for discussion and collaboration on topics beyond its walls and in diverse contexts.  This, of course, is precisely the problem that blogs are designed to answer.

However, while blogging at the institutional level is now common for corporations and small businesses as means to communicate the development of products and delivery of services, it has been conspicuously absent in academic settings.  While this is likely due to academia’s focus on more scholarly publications for peer review, the mission of the Exchange is to provide a less formal and more inclusive venue in which to feature its content.  As such, articles featured here will often aim at piquing interest in topics rather than attempting the more rigorous treatment common in scholarly journals.

Mission Statement

The Exchange holds as its ongoing mission to capture a representative cross-section of the scholarship within the College of Education, giving its faculty, staff, and students a venue in which to share their research and experience not only within the University, but with as broad of an educational community as possible.  To this end, Exchange staff will handle the logistics of running a blog (promotion, copy-editing, server administration, tagging, etc) allowing contributors to focus entirely up on their research.


  • Exchange Site Coordinator: Tina Fanetti
  • Exchange Site Administrator: Brian Huxtable
  • TLC Director: Carl Hoagland