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    O. L. Davis, Jr.


    Congratulations on the success of your autoethnographic essay. I enjoyed reading it, but I confess that my “joy” included my own return to times when I have come to grips with realities of my “being” white. These memories remain raw and compellingly fresh. Some represent events of my awareness of being re-shocked and my self-exposure to myself calling me to confession as well as to personal rededication to living toward increased social justice for all. Others reminded me of transformative events in my life that feature my wife, my mother and father, my brother and sister, our grandparents, some of their sons and daughters, my own sons, and, of course friends, and, to be sure, myself. Your insistence that we understand ourself in a stream of family history is powerful and correct. Such awareness and actions appear to be a necessary ingredient of transformative grace, a religious development, as well as of faithful attention to an increasingly powerful trajectory toward social justice in our lived world. I hope that your essay is read widely.


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